Monday, February 29, 2016

The Quilters Stash selling through Facebook

Good morning everyone,

Recently I've had enquiries about fabrics which were listed either here on the blog or on the (now deleted) website.

As most people are aware by now, the shop front has closed and I am selling exclusively through my
Facebook Page     Patchwork Fabric for Sale - The Quilters Stash 
The website is no longer operating as I have found Facebook to be a better platform for selling.
You do need to be a FB member to access this page and apply to join. 
Enquiries can also be directed to my email

Naturally, a lot of the fabrics featured will no longer be available but I still have quite a large number of bolts in the studio heavily reduced in price.  I will endeavour to get some pics uploaded here so you are aware of what's still available. 

I still have some Thomas The Tank, plenty of florals, some novelties, wadding, pellon and homespun.  Everything is reduced in price.

Stay tuned 

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